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Our foundation came through purchasing the Whispering Hills Farm Suffolk flock. Whispering Hills Farm embraced Heritage Suffolks by conserving some of the best ram genetics from the 1970’s and 80’s in their closed, line bred flock. Semen from these sires was used to breed ewes, concentrating the genetic potential that make Suffolk sheep an ideal terminal sire. They felt that suffolks had gone from the breed in the lead, to a breed looking for direction in part from multiple types of suffolks: show ring Suffolks, commercial suffolks, and wether-type suffolks.

Wether-type Suffolks are compact, thick sheep. Commercial Suffolks are generally larger than the wether-type, structurally correct, but may lack the classic Suffolk style, including having wooly heads like a Hampshire, and short ears. Show Suffolks are typically narrow, tall sheep with less body mass and longevity, and lower feed efficiency.

The Whisper Suffolk flock combines the style of show Suffolks, the thickness of wether sheep, and correctness of commercial Suffolks. Selection has also been placed on adding productivity, mothering ability, and feed efficiency.

We have enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program 

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