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For 2019 and 2020 lambings, Ferdinand, pictured below at 10 months old has been used.  Ferdinand was born in November 2017 from a natural  conception. His pedigree includes "The Boz" and "Keeper's Copy" . He has a very heritage type head with a thick body, really showcasing the old type Suffolk look. Our foundation ewes have been bred to carry the traits of the rams to preserve the conventional Suffolk look, style, longevity, growth and size. 

For 2020 lambing we are also using 8087 purchased from Heupel Farms of Colorado. 8087 is a Chinook grandson out of an "Arsenal" daughter. We anticipate that 8087 will add mass to his offspring, as well as increase the "across flock" connections within our Expected Breeding Values. 

Suffok Ram- Ferdinand 10 months

Foundation Sires

These are the foundation sires of our Suffolk flock. The following rams have built our flock and have contributed to what we have today. The Tomorrow/Leeds line maximizes style, the Boz/Manchester line maximizes size, and the Keeper’s Kopy/Chinook line contributes thickness & longevity. Pictures credit of Whispering Hills Farm.

Tomorrow-1990 Reserve National Champion Ram as a ram lamb.

“Tomorrow” Chapman 90-062

Manchester II-Boz son out of a Chinook daughter, on cover of 1994 "Banner".

“Manchester II” Whisper 41K

The Boz-Probably sired more Champion Suffolks than any other ram in breed history.

“The Boz” George Bros. 2659

Chinook-From first lamb crop of Keeper's Kopy

“Chinook” Heupel 2-301

Leeds-Sired by Tomorrow out of a Chinook daughter, on the cover of 1995 "Banner".

“Leeds” Whisper 1L

Keeper's Kopy-1981 Mid-West Sale Supreme Champion Ram.
His picture is featured on the 2012 United Suffolk Sheep Association Directory.

“Keeper’s Kopy” Batie 99B
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