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Dairy Sheep

We also run a flock of replacement dairy ewes. Our milking ewes are East Fresian crosses. They live in Ione, Oregon where they get milked from March through September. The milk is sold and made into cheese. The dairy sheep spend the winter grazing the grass fields of the Willamette Valley.  At our farm, we raise the replacements that we bring here as lambs at a few months old and breed them in the fall, so that they are lambing as yearlings. We retain our replacements out of top milking ewes. After they lamb in their second year they become milkers. We have around 50 lambs total each year available for sale. Most are sold as feeder lambs. If interested in replacement quality ewe and ram lambs please contact us prior to May 1st. Some commercial dairy ewes are sold each year if their lactation period or temperament is short. These ewes produce good lambs when crossed with commercial rams. 

Dairy ewe face with ewes in background.
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