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Our ambition at B&C Sheep is to produce large, efficient, structurally and phenotypically correct Suffolk stud and terminal sires that add value to our customers flocks and the US Sheep Industry. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase the Whispering Hills Farm flock of Heritage Suffolks. This flock of Heritage Suffolks has been bred to maintain old style, classic Suffolks. These classic Suffolk sheep embody the body mass, maternal characteristics, longevity, style and stature that Suffolks are known for. We plan to maintain the style of Heritage Suffolks while growing the size of our ewe flock.

Our ewes are supplemented in the final weeks of gestation and first weeks of lactation with grain to meet their nutritional requirements. They are then managed on grass pasture to weaning, through breeding and into the fall. When the pasture is no longer adequate the flock transitions to winter grass and alfalfa hays until spring pastures are grazeable. 

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